Technology Partner

Healthcare & FinTech

"Everyday I’m surrounded by some of the most creative and strategic entrepreneurs in the industry – all passionate about improving Healthcare and FinTech. I’m honored to be on this journey with them."

As a Technology Partner, David assists in evaluating potential investments and works closely with portfolio companies to help them succeed by, among other things, applying his knowledge of technology patterns.


Previously, David was a Technology Partner at Oak Investment Partners, assisting several startups such as Benefitfocus, Independent Living Systems, Radisphere National and Radiology Group. He worked closely with other investments, including athenahealth, Argus Information & Advisory Services, NetSpend Corporation, PayFlex Systems, Point Carbon, and TxVia.


He served as Chief Technology Officer of Paysys, FDC’s private label and international payment processing platform for FDC. He also has experience in cloud computing, big data and security and other areas critical for healthcare and fintech companies. Before joining Oak Investment Partners, David was an engineer and manager at several technology companies.


A graduate of Harvard College with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors, David began programming computers in high school and before graduating from Harvard, he wrote code for maximizing oil refinery output and for the ARPA-net, among other coding endeavors.


He has published a six-book series, Building Better Software Better, based on private-circulation papers he wrote and later posted on his blog.


Lightning Round with DAVID

  • Outside of work you’ll find me…

    At the ballet, opera, symphony…

  • Last country you visited?

    England, touring famous gardens

  • What was your first job?

    Pressing sweaters in a knitting mill for minimum wage, $1.25

  • Favorite board game?

    Making puns. I always do it when I’m bored…

  • If you had one superpower, what would it be?


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